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Greetings and Blessings To You!
Thank you for attending our first, “Prayer Talk and Change Shut In”, started June 22nd @7 PM AM and ended June 23rd @ 7:00 AM (12 hours).   We all were So Blessed and Changed by the Presence of the Holy Spirit.  The Women who attended expressed in different ways,  how “the Power of Prayer in the atmosphere made the difference in their lives; the Talks were Life Changing”, as the Holy Spirit ministered to each of us.  We all were Blessed, and Refreshed by His Sweet Presence.  He moved in His own time, and in His own way, as we Prayed for each other and on many important topics:  Personal, World, Families, and the list goes on. The time moved very fast.  The Holy Spirit knew what He was doing when He spoke to me about what to call this shared time with you: “Prayer Talk and Change Shut In”.  We plan to have more times of sharing like these in the future-changing lives everywhere! Such a Wonderful Time in the Presence of the Lord!
Changing Lives with Christ,
Evangelist Annette Coffee

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